WEFF22 Awards

social political draft

Including a wide range of issues such as housing affordability, green space, gentrification, climate change, gender inequality, power imbalances, social constructs, justice and more.
$500 prize awarded to Leif Lyall for the film ‘Jason from Nimbin’
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community docummentary draft

The art of capturing storytelling, and of our local legends and diverse communities, or informing us on historical figures and movements and more.
$500 prize awarded to Samuel Rodwell for the film ‘Inferno’
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Parched Master_CMYK
4101 local draft

Supporting the talent of our West End film community. Non-genre specific. At least 50% of the team must live or have strong connections and networks to the Kurilpa Peninsula.
$500 prize awarded to Charnstar Anderson for the film ‘I Dedeuce’
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Best film draft

Judged on technical and production elements, screenwriting, casting, plot, storyline, soundtrack, set design, evocative qualities and more. Best Film is non-genre specific.
$1,000 prize awarded to James Lingwood for the film ‘The Wrong Man’
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first nations

Platforming the work of our First Nations community, and/or supported by an organisation on behalf of a First Nations person/s with the film being First Nations led.
$200 prize awarded to Nurdewi Djamal, Callan Murray and Dawn Daylight for the film ‘Lost Daylight’
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music video draft

Supporting numerous technical and development approaches and themes to add value to the song it is created to.
$500 prize awarded to Luis Bran for the film ‘Golden age of Ballooning – Wilderness Soul’
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Parched Master_CMYK
local and emerging

Filmmakers with under 5 years in the film industry, students or have recently graduated, have not created more than 10 films and/or are building their creative business.
$500 prize awarded to Sasha Aubort for the film ‘Squid in the Oven’
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family draft

Focussing on genres and evocations such as comedy, skits, children and family (PG rated), self describing as funny, feel good, entertaining, light, educational and historical.
$500 prize awarded to Leela Varghese for the film ‘Furbulous’
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Focusing on script and screenwriting, sub-text, character portrayals and their relationships, plot twists, action and arcs.
$275 prize awarded to Justin Rosniak for the film ‘Jarrod’
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Examining the directors’ approaches to specific concepts, like “conflict”, “plot” and “dialog” through the exploration of subtext.
$250 prize awarded to James Lingwood for the film ‘The Wrong Man’
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WEFF Special Mention Awards


Focussing on visual elements including lighting, framing, composition, camera motion, camera angles, film selection, lens choices, depth of field, zoom, focus, colour, exposure, and filtration.
Special mention trophy awarded to Natalie Dundas for the film ‘Before We’re Gone” with an honourable mention award to actress Aurora Iler for her role ‘Nessa’


Focusing on stylistic choices and inclusive of characters’ performances through frame-by-frame techniques, a significant number of the major characters are animated, and animation figures in no less than 75 percent of the running time.
Special mention trophy awarded to Lachlan Pendragon for the film ‘An Ostrich told me the world is fake and I think I believe it’ 

game vr

Focussing on game play and its development, and the overall aesthetic and interactive elements the app, game or device is used to support the experience.
Special mention trophy awarded to Ralf Muhlberger for the Game / XR category ‘Ardent Roleplay’


For Under 18s using traditional and non-traditional film formats such as devices, phones, webcams and more. This category is for the next generation and the immersion on screens.
Special mention trophy awarded to Taigh Saville and Niamh Saville for the film ‘The Popkin Patch: Lost Possessions’

audience choice

Film buffs choose from the categories screened in their session to pick the winner through a quick survey.
Special mention trophy awarded to Leela Varghese for the film ‘Furbulous’
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