2017 Program

Just an ordinary day at an old mysterious Turkish country house where its residents have an extraordinary way of brewing tea.

What happens when a young woman decides to reject humanity’s all digital future? Loading emotion. Please wait.


A man feels his entire world constantly shaking, making for a lonely existence... until a friendship is imposed upon him by his equally isolated neighbour.


An hour deadline. A semen sample. And a delivery that goes horribly wrong.


Grounded over failing health, a desperate pilot struggles to prove to his daughter he is fit to fly. 



As Neil Armstrong is about to take his first step on the moon, something catches his eye in the distance. Naturally curious, he leaps out.



 A deeply moving story about the tragic impact of war on a young family, but ultimately, also a story of survival and resolution.



A disabled indigenous man is subjected to a racist attack that sets him on a course with potentially disastrous consequences for himself and a black kitten.

A confronting drama about the harsh reality of domestic violence in rural Australia, told through the eyes of a confused adolescent boy.



Jack Stone is an urban beekeeper on a mission to turn grey spaces into thriving eco-environments.



To win the attention of his father, 14-year-old Trent is conducting an anthropological study on the effects of the drought on his rural community.

A hot shot public servant is sent to a remote Aboriginal community to prepare for the Prime Minister’s visit. He quickly learns the true meaning of Welcome to Country.

Basil is an enthusiastic, imaginative night worker at a tollbooth in the middle of nowhere. All he wants more than anything is company. But cars are rare.

A special effects designer is finishing off his latest creation, a male victim for a monster horror film when his creation suddenly comes to life.

A young man develops a machine to travel back in time to save his girlfriend and unborn child.

Before his first live show, doubts cause pianist Andrew to hide. An unexpected visit from his ex- wife, forces him to face his past.

Pauline is a full-time mother and carer for her disabled adult son Nathan. After years of isolation, Pauline orchestrates a ruse to form a meaningful connection.

A fiction writer unravels while a hole in her wall grows.

Adele, a fourteen-year-old African girl living in Brisbane, wraps her stomach each day before school. She is determined to keep her pregnancy a secret. Torn between school and home, she must fight for the right to choose and determine her own future, or face a life made for her by others.

Steve and Bill, two lazy gulls, spend their days scavenging scraps by the seaside. Both conniving as each other, who will get the last bite?

Despite society's negative perception of pigeons, keeping and breeding these birds is a way of life for some. 

Rewinding her life, an elderly lady recalls those moments that shaped her as a person and how in the end when the lights go out, you face yourself.


Scarred by painful memories of her past, the leader of a female camp hidden in an underground bunker must summon the courage to fight for a brighter future


Split between two surreal worlds, Marcus Blacke's intimate performance mesmerises his audience and brings them to the heights of a spiritual fervour on the dance flooR.

This clip was filmed over the course of a day in a Brissie warehouse, depicting anxiety through glitch-in-the-Matrix style repetition – compounding the song’s lyrical motif to great effect.

A collaboration between Frank Kearns & The Church's Steve Kilbey. This video sees a man hold on to the past by collecting and numbering his memories.

Taylor explores a metaphoric world, subtextualising the power of society and it's influence on our own perceptions and  deprecation.

Baby encapsulates the selfishness of love, explored through the paranoia and envy of one side. Doubt creates a silence where everything is too hard to change.

Following a lone figure as he navigates his way through an environment crumbling around him, 'Vampires' by Mid Ayr captures the loneliness and isolation felt in society today

A surreal and nonsensical music video clip, centred around a contemporary dancer and her mental downfall in a battle of reality vs. fiction.