2015 WEFF

The 2015 WEFF was held at our favourite West End venue, Rumpus Cinema. Over 500 people attended two sessions of quality Australian short films on Sunday 31 May 2015.

2015 Winners:

Best Film (voted by Film Industry Reps): Sailboats Written and Directed by RACHEL ANDERSON Produced by MARLON SHINGLES

Best Animation:
The Duck - A short film by Simon Cottee, Produced by Sara Taghaode

Best Film (voted by West End Community Reps): The F Word - Directed by Kieran Murray and Produced by Anasiou Canaris

Best Film overall:
Flight of the Buffalo - A film by Nicholas Flynn

Indigenous Talent:
Magic Quandong - A film by Jacqueline Willinge, Anthony Willinge and Dan Brown