In Conversation with Jason Fitzgerald

In Conversation with Jason Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald has worked in the Brisbane screen making industry for a number of years. His film Shakes won the WEFF 2017 Audience Choice Award. We caught up with him and had the pleasure to talk all things film, producing and screen making. Read about Jason and his motivation behind submitting another film for WEFF 2018.

Where in the world are you from?

Brisbane, Australia.

How are you involved in the film industry? How long have you been part of the industry?

I have been working as a freelancer in the local industry for about four years now. Most of my work is as an Assistant Director while making projects like this one just submitted on the side.

How did you find out about West End Film Festival (WEFF)?

I’ve just always known about it and I went to university with WEFF Co-Director, Sam.

How would you rate the festival put together by WEFF and what stood out to you?

Yes! I love it! I love the vibe and local community atmosphere.

What type of film did you submit? What do you love about WEFF?

I submitted a drama. In addition to the above comments about the atmosphere, I love the how supporting and encouraging the audiences and programmers are of the films shown at WEFF.

How has WEFF elevated/helped your career development?

Last year we were lucky enough to take home to Audience Choice award for my film Shakes. Having this on my CV is really beneficial moving forward and trying to get other projects off the ground.

Since WEFF 2017, where has your film and career taken you?

I have since produced another film called A Picture of Other People, which has been submitted for WEFF 2018 and have meanwhile been working on script and development for my first feature project.

What would you say to motivate emerging and up-coming screen makers who want to submit to WEFF?

Make films and make mistakes. Then make better films and rinse and repeat. Put your work out there and keep moving. Don’t dwell on one project for too long!

WEFF wishes Jason the best of luck for his submission in 2018!

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